Summer Updates and Weight Worries

June 12, 2018

Hey, Folks!

I know I’m really bad about updating my social media accounts.  I started this blog and I created my Facebook page months ago but you may have noticed that I’ve kind of neglected them.  The real reason for this is that my job drains me.  I’m a teacher.  Title 1 high school.  Every day I get home from work and can barely stand to do anything besides resting and cooking dinner.  On Saturdays, I spend time on my videos and running errands and on Sundays I try to just prepare (mentally and lesson-wise) for the upcoming week.

However, it is summertime now!!!  I FINALLY have time to dedicate to everything Keto in my life!  That means I’m planning on updating this blog much more and that I will be able to interact with folks via Facebook and Instagram much more!  Yay!  I’ve been looking forward to actually being able to dedicate all of my time to this.  I’m considering it my summer job and I plan on working on it every day.

However, with this free time, I’m a little worried about my waistline.  You probably have this issue, too:  free time means bored eating. 

There’s time to cook now, which means I want to make these delicious lunches (during the school year, I usually just eat a few slices of meat or a sausage – something easy, ya know?).  I want to drink wine and enjoy these warm summer nights out on the balcony.  I want to go out with friends and The Muscle and create amazing memories.  I want to enjoy family time – which usually revolves around food.  I’m moving less because I’m not on my feet for six hours each day teaching to the kiddos.

All of this means that I need to be super diligent about my food intake.  It means counting calories and carbs every single day.  It means continuing to stay motivated.  It means trying to make sure I move more.  It means life needs to go on as usual.

And that brings me to my main point:  no matter what way of eating you choose for yourself, the most important factor is that it is sustainable.  Your way of eating should be malleable.  You should be able to adapt it to fit your changing lifestyle and schedule.  It needs to be something that you can maintain for the long term, because if you go back to your old habits, you will most likely gain back the weight that you have already lost.

The second most important factor for any weight loss is that you can maintain motivation.  Major goals are important, but you also need to include mini goals for the short term.  Think of anything you could be excited about – getting a smaller dress size, looking great at your cousin’s wedding, going down a notch on your belt…You need these mini goals to keep you going ESPECIALLY after you have reached your major goals.  Always look forward.  Always try to improve yourself day-to-day.  Because there is no end goal, only growth.

For me, I need to adapt.  Sure, I’ll eat more “fun” foods for lunch now that I have time to actually prepare a real meal.  I’ll enjoy more breezy evenings with my guy.  I’ll see some family and we’ll all go out to eat.  It’ll be okay, though, because I have my motivation to stay on track.  Keto is malleable to my changing summer lifestyle.

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried about gaining weight this summer, but the true plan is to Keep Calm and Keto On.


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  1. Hi Ally,
    Congrats on your website! I’ve watched quite a few of your videos online for ideas and support. I started on the keto diet and have lost 22lbs so far. I just wanted to say thanks and good for you! My best wishes to you. Happy Summer!

  2. Ally you have helped so many people and now you can add 2 more. My daughter and I have joined you on this keto journey and look forward to regaining our life back from unhealthy eating. Your videos and posted have been an inspiration and we want to encourage you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are awesome!! Continue on girl

  3. Hello Ally!

    I have been a subscriber on your YT channel since last year and I just wanted to tell you that I just love your content and your personality. I have been on a keto rollercoaster since last July and even though I managed to lose 45 lbs it was yo-yoing from super-strict keto, to undereating, to lazy keto and back again. I basically decided to take a break back in May, because I became obsessive with all of it and it consumed me day and night and I had stalled for several months with no progress and just felt hopeless. I just recently decided to get back on the keto train but it was AGAIN super strict (sometimes too much knowledge can hurt us more than help us in my case) and it just made me depressed to be so limited all the time. I watched one of your videos one night and remembered how well you had done with having more freedom in your keto journey and I was like you know what???? I am going to follow her example and loosen the reigns some. Do what I know worked for me last year before I stalled and went so strict. I had given up caffeine, all dairy except butter, all nuts, dark chocolate, all sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners and even doing this for a few months, I had no movement on the scale or in inches. Anyway, now that you know my entire life story…. lol I just wanted to tell you, you are a great inspiration and I really love what you are doing and the stories and tips you share. Keep it up! You rock!

  4. Hi Ally, I’ve been watching you in and off for a few years now. I tried the keto diet and found I was still eating too much. The common denominator was me and my good addiction. Anyways, I’m laying here typing this and my stomach is growling because today I started my keto diet again and this time not going to over eat and certainly not going to eat access fat. I need to keep it simple ..I started my weight loss journey about 4 years ago, I was almost 300lbs and decided I needed to do something. I lost 85lbs and since then I’ve maintained, gained and lost only to start again. I’d like to lose 50lbs. Your story is close to mine and you have given me hope to keto on… From your blog I see you prefer to eat several small meals. This seems to be a good option for me as well but I’m worried about overeating. Do you eat at night? If not what time do you stop eating?

  5. Hi Ally! I can across your YT channel when I was researching keto and low carb. I enjoyed your blog. I’m being kind to myself during this process. Hope to see more blog posts! Keep calm and keto on! Thanks!

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