A Little Backstory – How “AllyMcWowie” Came to Be

February 7, 2018

If you can believe it, I actually claimed the YouTube name AllyMcWowie back around early 2012 or so.  I got really into Vlogbrothers videos and wanted to do something similar with my sister who was living across the country.  She had moved out to LA after high school to follow her dreams of being an actress, so I figured she would want to give my YT channel idea the ole college try.  Well, she didn’t like the idea too much and I actually created a few “comedy” vlog style videos discussing random topics (my distaste at the time for designer handbags, making fun of care packages my parents had sent to me while I was away at college, navigating St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal…).  I didn’t keep up with it too much and soon gave up the entire venture.

I then used the channel for a few university projects by posting some unlisted videos (those are still on my channel, and they are sooo cringey).  It wasn’t until 2015 that I tried to seriously use the AllyMcWowie channel again.  I had already been losing weight with Keto and felt confident enough to be in front of the camera again.  I had become very interested in ASMR videos and tried my hand at creating a few.  They weren’t that great and at the time I was too poor to buy all of the necessary accessories to create those ever so sweet tinglessssssss.  Those videos are still on my channel, hidden from the world’s eyes for now.  Perhaps in the future, I’ll do a reaction video to my cringey past.  I think it would be fun.  I still see those videos’ thumbnails when I check on my YT channel and I don’t even recognize the girl staring back at me.

After I lost all the weight (170 pounds, to be exact) I started doing my vlogs on YouTube back in June of 2017 and things were going smoothly.  For two or three weeks, I made them consistently.  Then, The Muscle and I went on a mini-vacation which got me out of the habit of making videos each week.  Then, the my computer died and I didn’t have the funds to buy a new one (or really a reason to buy one – I had only received a couple thousand views and figured not many people were that interested anyway).

Well, one day The Muscle and I were chilling together after I got off work and I noticed all these YouTube notifications on my phone.  For about a week, people kept commenting on my first Keto video, How I Lost 170 Pounds with a Keto/Low Carb Diet.

In that one week back in October, I had gained about 10K views.  That same week, I decided I needed to continue, so we went to Best Buy and I financed my first-ever big purchase – my beloved Asus laptop.

And well, that’s about it.  Ever since October of 2017, I’ve tried to upload at least one Keto video a week.  In December, I hit about 10K subscribers, and from December to the beginning of February, I gained 10K more.  I have no idea where this adventure will take me, but I’m kind of excited about it.

Thanks for listening (reading really, I suppose).

Until next time,


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  1. Can you please send me the keto calculator? I think you forgot to link it to the YouTube vlog Keto: why count calories?

  2. Hey Ally, I have binge watched your channel. I love the way that you keep it simple and honest. I have been gathering info but I have not started yet. I need to loose about 35 lbs. May not sound like a lot but I’m only 5 ft tall. I suffer from depression, anxiety and Fibromyalgia. You are an inspiration. I’m ready to start! It’s just confusing with so many ways folks are swearing by. Downloaded the calc. Gonna try it your way! Will keen you posted…thanks for sharing your experience…. Iris

  3. Love your recent courageous video! I have a food addiction too, I think. But it’s to healthy foods.
    So I want to say you are not alone to start out, and very brave to speak out.
    Mine was born was from a lifetime of trauma, ongoing. I am not sure if Keto will solve it; I miss fruit!

  4. Ally, I really like your videos and advice. I too agree that calories matter. I see people not losing with Keto- high fat / low carb and they are told – your body is healing – keep eating fat/low carb!! But really the problem is too many calories. Keep posting great videos and I will keep watching!! Your Tennessee fan~ Deidra

  5. First I would like to say I am just starting this adventure. I am using the Lose it app (free version) and I am down 8 lbs. I have had some bad days, this happens when I am away from home at my mom, but surprisingly I lost weight. A small amount not like pervious amounts.
    I am finding I like this way of eating. When I came across your YT video by happenstance what I heard was music to my ears, “make it simple”. Perviously, Hunter Gathering sure had all these spices and make this blend of seasoning this way, cook this, this way…. I know how to cook and I know what I like thank you very much. Lol so thank you Ally, three simple words, I am going to keep on with this adventure.

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