“Takeout” Chicken Stir Fry

Friday night is my favorite time of the week.  I have two entire days off of work to look forward to and I like to make the transition from Work Life to Weekend Life by going out on Friday night.  Unfortunately, sometimes my partner in crime, The Muscle, has to work late on Fridays.  This means that I take myself out and do what I really want – go to the mall!

I like walking around the mall.  I never really go there looking to buy anything, but it energizes me to start the weekend by being around other people.  I guess it makes me feel like I’m being social, even though I’m really just thinking in my head as I stroll around.  Anyway, in the food court there is a fast-food hibachi style restaurant where you stand in line and wait for your teriyaki chicken to cook on one of those big, flat stoves.  I used to go there on Fridays when my grandmother picked up my sister and me from elementary school.  Before driving an hour on the interstate to stay at her house for the weekend (she had a pool!!!) I would get a large order of the sweetly-sauced chicken with white rice and three containers of White Sauce (a sweet, tangy, mayonnaise like sauce with which southern Americans like to drench their Japanese food).

My old habits were not Keto friendly, to say the least.

Now, when I go to that little counter in the food court, I ask for the teriyaki chicken – hold the teriyaki sauce.  Instead of rice, I ask for extra steamed vegetables and I grab a couple soy sauce packets to flavor things up a bit.  Last time I ordered it, I could barely finish my food.  It was so filling and delicious that I was satisfied for the rest of the night.  The only downside to Mall Food that it’s cheap.  The quality of the chicken isn’t very good and I’m not really sure what the oily coating on the steamed vegetables is.  Sadly, we can never really know exactly what we are eating when we eat out.

So, here is a definitely Keto-friendly version of your favorite Japanese style take out stir fry!


310g chicken breast

140g green cabbage (I used the shredded bagged version)

85g broccoli

100g button mushrooms

1 T butter

2 T soy sauce



Chop chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms into bite-size pieces.  Melt butter in a non-stick frying pan on medium high.  Add chicken.  Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.  Cook chicken thoroughly until it is no longer raw (about 3-4 minutes – I always take the biggest piece and slice it in half to make sure).  Add vegetables and 2nd tablespoon of soy sauce and stir fry together until vegetables are tender.


536 Calories

22g Fat

12.8g Net Carbs

76g Protein